Our Pet and Breeding Rights are Disapearing

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Our Pet and Breeding Rights are Disapearing
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IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE TO READ AND FORWARD ON,TAKE THIS SERIOUS PEOPLE!!! Not sure where the other states not mentioned are on this Ammunition Accountability Law but this is extremely serious legislation to all those that participate in shooting sports, those in the reloading industry and manufacturing of reloading components. This will affect us all and as individuals we need to contact those representatives that can keep this legislation at the state & federal level from taking place……

Pending Legislation Regarding the Purchase of Ammunition
Remember how the Obamanation said that he wasn't going to take your guns? Well, it seems that his minions and allies in the anti-gun world have no problem with taking your ammo!

The bill that is being pushed in 18 states and requires all ammunition to be encoded by the manufacturer, a data base of all ammunition sales. So they will know how much you buy and what calibers. Nobody can sell any ammunition after June 30, 2009 unless the ammunition is coded.

Any privately held uncoded ammunition must be destroyed by July 1, 2011. (Including handloaded ammo.)

They will also charge a .05 cent tax on every round so every box of ammo you buy will go up at least $2.50 or more!

If they can deprive you of ammunition, they do not need to take your gun!

This legislation is currently pending in 18 states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington.

To find more about the anti-gun group that is sponsoring this legislation and the specific legislation for each state, go to:


This is the reason that every citizen needs to stay on top of the up coming new legislation and call, email and write you senator and representatives and ask their stand on the right of self defense and firearms issues.

"Talk is cheap, Actions are priceless"
Chuck Bacon


If We as Pet Owners and Breeders don`t keep up with the anti breeding policies and Bills being Introduced in our laws , soon we will no longer be able to have or Breed pets or any other animals. PEOPLE PLEASE PAY ATTENTION. WRITE LETTERS,MAKE CALLS, DO YOU PART IN STOPPING THIS NONSENSE!
 If dog shelters were really so full why do the Big Cities Import small dogs from other Countries?
They are not making any money so they import to have pups and small breed adults to sell.

>   This is from an Airedale list. Please, if you wish to continue owning and  maybe even breeding dogs ANYWHERE in the United States, please read this post and do some serious thinking. You might be  required to provide a minimum of 150 sq. ft. for each of your Cavaliers to  be kept ALONE, will  you be able to provide this type of sace? How would  your Cavaliers like this arrangement? I know mine want to be on the sofa together, preferably with my husband or myself there with them, not stuck  alone in a 150 sq foot pen .....
>   My best,
>   Susan

>   Right now, animal rights people have fanned out across the country to  make what got tabled in California happen city by city, town by town, state by state. The approach is to local animal services organization;
>   the agenda is new animal laws that will have a startling effect on our ability to enjoy our dogs. The AR volunteers work within the animal  services in city after city, town after town, to get a proposed law  put together that is extreme to say the least, and they can do all of  this within animal services without worrying about open meeting laws.
>   After all, the AR people are simply volunteers helping the staff. By the time a community gets any inkling that these laws are about to hit  the stage, it's just about too late to stop them. At the most, people try to get some of the most severe terms relaxed. 

>   Right now, there is a law proposed in Florida to make collecting  animal semen illegal.
>   Now that I have your attention, let me share with you what is currently being recommended in Dallas, what Animal Services and the  City Council are assuming will be law by the end of the month, and to date, nothing in the local newspapers, the local news programs, or even a copy of the actual proposed law. Unlike San Antonio, the  previous last city to fall to these tactics, the AKC kennel club  registered in Dallas, the Texas Kennel Club, has hired an animal lawyer to help them fight this legislation. But to date, without any news coverage, very few residents know what is about to happen and how it will affect their enjoyment of their dogs.
>   1. Pet limits. Dallas has never had limits on the number of pets a  resident may own. As with most communities, there are plenty of laws on the books that can handle households that have too many pets that are creating a neighborhood nuisance or constituting cruelty to animals. Under the proposed new laws, the limit will be either five or six pets (no one seems able to get a consistent reading on the number). That is dogs, cats or combination in a single family home. 
   2. Mandatory spay neuter by four months of age. Owner of unspayed or  unneutered dogs and cats over 4 months of age commits an offense if  the owner does not have a Breeder Permit issued annually for each  individual animal. (Only dog and cat show breeders qualify for this permit). Owner cannot have a say in their dog being put under anesthesia, being made a perennial puppy by losing the hormones needed for balanced growth of body and mind, etc.
>   3. Breeder permits/licenses (and the only article that has mentioned anything about this law was a quote by the acting director of animal  services, a man who has won an award of some kind of merit from PETA: in that article, this man stated that he would not allow any breeder permits in residential neighborhoods). So what will a breeder license look like in Dallas if the law is passed without changes.
It appears that there will be:
>   A. Breeder permit / license to keep an intact dog or cat. Breeders can apply to Animal Services for a breeder permit/license. Such applications must be approved by the director of Animal Services.
>   B. Each dog or cat approved for a permit must be registered with  a national registry (approved by the animal services director) AND  whose owner is a member of a purebred dog or cat club (also approved by the animal services director). The club must have a code of ethics
restricting breeding dogs and cats with genetic defects and life threatening health problems for approval.
>   C.The breeder permit will be $500 annually for EACH intact
>   animal; the animal's license will be an additional fee.
>   D. This permit will not be available to any other pet owner. And as mentioned above, it is unlikely that the current Animal Services  administration will allow any of these permits/licenses in residential neighborhoods. This means that sports people, performance people, SAR  people, hunting people will have to have their animals neutered.
>   E. Anyone who gets a breeder permit agrees that Animal Services  has the right to send in someone to make unannounced inspections of their premises at any time and the breeders must admit them.
>   F.. No one else can legally breed animals in Dallas.
>   4. No tethering of any dogs if the owner is not present.
>   5. Confined dogs must have crates or runs or pens that meet confinement requirements of 150 feet pen size per dog
>   6. Foster Care Providers must obtain a form from the director to apply  for a permit (notarized by the legal owner and one occupant of the  dwelling unit) to keep up to 10 dogs, cats or any combination which authorizes unannounced inspections of premises and this permit must be  approved by the director.
>   When I first read these proposed ideas, I thought that they were making them so outrageous so they would have wiggle room in order to reduce things like the permit fee for breeders etc. But given the fact that hearings are going into their second week (only on Wednesdays), there has been no media coverage, and proponents are saying that they  expect these to be law by the end of the month, I suspect that the final law could be quite close to what is outlined above.
>   The first that I heard about it was in March, and I heard about it  from two people who are very involved with the kennel club and with getting people to attend hearings.
No cost assessments/analyses have been done. Animal Services is currently underfunded, and the mayor has
 made it clear that there will be no increase in their funding for
 these laws.

So, here we are discussing different ways of training, recognizing the work that goes into having an obedience or agility champion, knowing  what the dogs need maturity to participate in any serious sport or work, and all the while, across the country, more and more of these laws are becoming law with little or no fanfare.

Here in Dallas, the proponents are saying that this will solve the problem of loose dogs breeding randomly, but the only people that will  be caught up are the residential breeders whose dogs never run loose and never breed randomly.
With the requirement that a breeder belong to a breed club approved by animal services, this is also meant to do
away with mixed breeds.

Do, please, check out what may be happening in your city or town, and be ready to fight for your right to decide when and if your dog will be neutered, the right of careful breeders to breed to their breed standards, etc. Dallas breeders and animal lovers are making a valiant effort, and they are grateful for the help of the Texas Kennel Club,but this is very, very serious. And it sounds like it will come to a city or town near you.

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This message is from Karen Strange. You may not know her, but she has done more to protect your rights as a hobby breeder than anyone else on the planet.
She has made your life much easier. She started a movement and she has with all courage and strength carried through and made life easier for us all.

  She is now working to protect the rights of commercial  breeders, and no matter how you feel about commercial breeders they are raising healthy dogs.

  Additionally, they are part of the fight against the Animal Rightists. If their rights are taken away from them you will also lose your rights. We are in this together and until we understand that if we do not unite to fight the animal rightists we will all fall, we cannot hope to have generations of
dogs in the future. we must unite for a common cause to protect ownership rights so that there will be pups in our and our children's futures.

  She has had a long road and has battled many storms for many years. She is weary and she deserves our strength and help now. She has done more to protect your rights as a hobby breeder than anyone else on the planet. 
Deb Owens

   Here is a message from Karen Strange printed with permission:

  Considering the wave of comments about the Oprah Show not being as bad  as some anticipated, I want to make some points from the politically  incorrect perspective.
 For those who know me, I've never been politically
  correct and have absolutely no intentions of starting now.

  My Politically Incorrect Comments:

  1. I owned and bred show dogs for many years, creating my own bloodlines for the traits I desired. I championed many of them even though I was told  it would be impossible for a novice to show black chow bitches and finish
  them without a handler. I finished three of them myself along with numerous others and ignored the comments.Were all of the dogs I produced show  quality? No. Were there any pets among them? Yes. Do I apologize for  breeding and producing them? No. Never have. Never will.
  2. I have owned dogs for 32 years. I have never owned a mixed breed dog  or a dog from a questionable background. I don't want a dog from a shelter,  pound or rescue. I want dogs from breeders. Since all of my chows have died
  of old age, I have switched to smaller dogs. ALL of them were BOUGHT from a  professional licensed commercial breeder. DO I apologize for that?
  Absolutely not!
  3. I was told eighteen years ago by the "mother of the animal rights   movement" in Missouri that for every ONE of my dogs I bred, a thousand dogs  died in shelters. It was my fault for breeding them when so many needed  homes. And, because my dogs were intact, I was creating an overpopulation
  problem. I leaned across the table, looked the old gal ( sorry, I don't   consider her a lady), directly in the eye and said,
  "I have several butcher knives in my kitchen drawer and they have the  capacity to kill people. That does not mean that I'm a murderer."   The debate carried on for more than two hours. I never wavered from my  position and have not to this day. I have no intentions of changing.
  4. I have been told many times that when I buy from a breeder, shelter and pound dogs will die, and that I should "adopt" one of those instead.
  Not everyone wants a dog from a shelter, pound or rescue. I am one of those people. I DO NOT WANT a dog from any of those sources. If I could no longer buy from a breeder, I WOULD NOT HAVE A DOG AT ALL. I do not like 40 pound
  black lab mixes that are available in my area. Don't tell me that there are  purebreds available from those sources. I do not want a dog with no  pedigree, no registration papers and a questionable background. This is America. I want to exercise my right as a citizen to participate in the free
  enterprise system and purchase a dog from the place of my choice or to breed the dogs I want. Telling me that I should not breed a dog or buy from a  breeder until all dogs are adopted from shelters, pounds and rescues is like  telling people they should have no more children until all without homes
are  adopted. It will never happen. And, I have been around the block too many times and see what is behind this campaign. It is a money-making, control-seeking agenda that has nothing to do with animals and everything to do with taking away the rights of individuals, thereby creating a socialist  state. It is an attempt by emotional flocks of sheep in people's clothing
  demanding a cornering of the market to create a monopoly completely controlled by themselves and their chosen few. Sorry, I am not falling for it, so it does no good to preach to me about it nor does it do any good to keep shoving legislation in my face to try to force it on me and those I represent. I will use every political technique possible to kill the disgusting animal rights agenda and will do so with absolutely no feelings
  of remorse or guilt. 
  5. I do not believe in a socialist agenda that dictates what I can and should do with my animals in my own home. I do not support true animal abuse  and neglect, but I believe in using common sense rather than lynch-mob  emotion when making such judgments.
  6. I become even more angered and determined to kill legislation when I  receive reports of threats and harassment against those I represent  following a ratings-seeking, money making piece of propaganda as was featured Friday on television. When I receive calls from breeders who are
  genuinely afraid for their families and their animals, it infuriates me to  the point of lobbying even harder against animal rights activists. Do threats to my members make me more sympathetic towards activists?
Absolutely not!! However, I will use those threats as a basis to kill legislation at the capitol! So, each time my people are threatened in any manner, it costs the activists dearly. Keep threatening and I will keep killing your  legislation. I believe in revenge.
  7. I am angered because people fall to their knees and hang their heads in embarrassment for enjoying their animals. I am disgusted that people fail  to stand up against a torrent of propaganda based on lies, deceit, theft, and the elimination of their rights as American citizens. I am fed up with  pleading for people to help in this fight but they always have the excuse
of being too busy. Well so am I, but what does that have to do with it?!! If  breeders and animal owners don't wake up and see what is coming at them head-on, they will soon have all the time in the world to devote to flower gardening and golf because there darn sure won't be any animals to enjoy!!
  8. Do I have a guilty conscience for my lack of "compassion"? No, not in the least and the prospects for changing don't look good. Do I care if I don't seem politically correct? Nope.

  If I sound angry, it's because I am. I'm sick and tired of people who fall for emotional propaganda and can't see that they're being duped. As  I've quoted in my speeches many times,
  "How sad that people follow like sheep and ask no questions."
  I've spent much of my time in the last year traveling to the east where  I've been invited to speak to various Amish communities about the animal  rights movement. They are being heavily targeted because the animal rights  activists don't believe they will fight back. Well guess what!!!
  Are they perfect in the care of their dogs? I answer that with a
  question of my own....... is every dog interest perfect? Are ALL  hobby/show  people running a perfect kennel? Are ALL rescues running their operations in  hospital-like surroundings? Are ALL shelters spotlessly clean and free of
  disease and dirt? Are ALL commercial kennels operating 100% to Animal  Welfare Act requirements?
  There are good and bad apples in every facet of animal ownership. The  Amish are no different. Many of them I have visited have absolutely  immaculate kennels with state of the art operations. I have seen good and  bad in every industry. What angers me is that there are a number of animal owners who are relieved to see another part of the industry targeted in
  order to take the heat off themselves. Rather than standing shoulder to  shoulder to help their fellow man, they choose to point fingers at everyone else, hoping that by continuing to "feed the crocodile, it will eat everyone  else first". Rather than helping, it's easier to point fingers and say "take them first as long as you leave me alone".
  I spent last week-end helping the Amish in an eastern state. They presented their first breeder's seminar with guest speakers from throughout  the Midwest educating them on all facets of kennel management and animal  care. I spoke on the origin of the animal rights movement and how to
protect themselves.
  When speaking to new groups, I tell them what the animal rights movement  is, how it affects them, how the propaganda and guilt play a large part in the money-making control schemes put forth by the media and various
groups, and what to do to counteract it. I close my speeches with the following:  "If we are aware of what is happening in the animal rights movement and  the evil agenda it presents, and we fail to stop it, then we will surely get what we deserve and our children will inherit that which we failed to do."

  Written without guilt by Karen Strange, President & Registered Lobbyist


this is a long story but this kennels` dogs have been seized and already spayed or neutered and SOLD for 350+ each by the humane society BEFORE going to court.  They were healthy.....and if they were so unhealthy how were they able to spay and neuter them and adopt out in less than 2 wks......i think they are doing this for money. how are they so different from us?  they are caging their dogs and selling them for a profit now! 
HELP --please write a small sentence as i did so he can forward to the appropriate people.  dont' sit back and do nothing, it could be you next!  just another example of what is going on and we have to get involved!!!!
If I have sent this to you and you dont have a kennel, your rights as pet owners are also being attacked.  ie, limiting the number of dogs you can own or mandatory spay or neuter----it's all coming--get involved NOW before its too late!  Go to www.pet-law.com and see all the attacks that are going on around the U.S.!   
Laura Koch, Dog Fancier Doggy Lickhttp://www.petitjeanpuppies.com 
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